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We are honored that you’ve visited our Pest Management Website. Our corporation, Bedbugs Exterminator Bronx, offers Pest Eradication and Prevention services for the borough of the Bronx. If you live elsewhere in New York City, don’t worry, we provide affiliate services all throughout the city!

Bedbugs Continue to Be a Problem in the Bronx

Bedbugs Continue to Be a Problem in the BronxOver the last generation, the entire NYC area has been in the grips of a Bedbug Epidemic. No matter which neighborhood of the Bronx you live in, and no matter how immaculate you maintain your home, you can become the victim of a Bedbug Infestation.

Bedbugs flourish in areas like the Bronx, where population density is high, and there are large numbers of travelers entering and leaving the city on a daily basis. It only takes a single Bedbug to convert the most precious home into the epicenter of a Bedbug Infestation. Bedbugs Exterminator Bronx was incorporated because we recognized that the residents of the Bronx needed a brand that they could trust in order to protect them from the continuing Bedbug Epidemic.

At Bedbugs Bronx, we have an ample staff of highly-trained and respectful Pest Extermination Specialists that have years of experience battling a variety of Pest Control Issues, including Bedbug Infestation.

What Makes Bedbugs Such a Problem?

Bedbugs are one of the most persistently exasperating pests in the Bronx. Luckily, Bedbugs are not known to carry any diseases, but that doesn’t make them any less of a headache. Bedbugs are one form of infestation which is nearly completely resistant to amateur attempts to eradicate the problem. In order to eliminate Bedbugs, it takes a professional touch.

What Makes Bedbugs Such a Problem?These pests are almost completely resistant to traps, because their diets consist solely of the blood of their hosts. Roaches and rodents can be treated with traps and baits very effectively, because they feed on the organic droppings that humans leave behind.

Bedbugs are a huge hassle for a few other reasons. The most noticeable is that they are hungry creatures that feed on the blood of humans and their pets. The bites are persistent, and almost unimaginably itchy. Even though Bedbugs don’t carry diseases, their bites are so itchy that they commonly cause victims to scratch vigorously, leading directly to open wounds on the skin.

These tiny beasts are also a pain because they can leave stains and refuse all over your home. When they defecate, they leave rusty brown marks on your walls, and when they are crushed, they leave bright-red stains in your sheets. Their hatched eggs and moltings also litter the areas where they hide. There is no denying that Bedbugs are an incredibly complex issue which can be resoundingly difficult to resolve without the assistance of trusted and knowledgeable Extermination Pros like those at Bedbugs Exterminator Bronx.

Why Did Bedbugs Make Such a Comeback?

There are a lot of hypotheses regarding why Bedbug Cases rose so dramatically in the United States, but one reason for the epidemic is that Pest Management Strategies changed significantly in the 80s and 90s in America.

Pest Removal Specialists used to primarily use insecticide sprays and fumigation to treat pest infestation, but as effective means such as baiting and trapping became more popular, Bedbugs started to thrive because common methods were no longer effective in eliminating them.

Bedbugs Exterminator Bronx Treats All Forms of Pest Infestation

Pest InfestationEven though we have primarily focused on our Bedbug-related expertise thus far, we would like to take the time to remind you that our staff of Extermination Service Providers are also trained to effectively treat any other Pest Issues that you may face at your business or home.

In addition to our Pest Eradication Services, we also have a variety of options available for Pest Prevention.

Whether your issue is with termites, flies, rats, or birds, we are the Pest Management Provider to call for quick and effective service!

Commercial Pest Management Services

Bedbugs Exterminator Bronx specializes in both Commercial and Residential Pest Management. We have experience in treating a variety of different work environments, including hotels, restaurants, office spaces, as well as more sensitive environments such as hospitals and laboratories. No matter what sort of business you are in, we can help protect it from pests and preserve its integrity.

We can arrange to provide our services at any time that you prefer. We recognize that some business may best be suited to bi-annual treatments, whereas others may need treatment and/or inspection much more frequently.

We Serve All of New York City!

Bedbugs Bronx operates exclusively in the Bronx Borough of New York, but we are happy to inform you that we have affiliate Pest Exterminators all across the city. From the southern shore of Staten Island to the northern border of the Bronx, we can help you get the services that you need.

Bedbugs Bronx is Health Conscious and Environmentally Conscious

Bedbugs Bronx is Health Conscious and Environmentally ConsciousOur company takes every necessary step in order to diminish the health risks that can result from certain forms of Pest Removal. We do not cut corners, and we utilize only the safest and most responsible methods. Before we treat your home or business, we will explain all aspects of our treatment process in order to keep all parties informed.

We have also made a deep commitment to the environment. We understand the need to be environmentally conscious, especially in a populated place like New York City. In order for us to experience a cleaner and more beautiful city together, it is important that we all do our part to minimize our environmental footprint. We do our part by going as green as possible.

Although it is inevitable that we will sometimes need to use chemicals which pose particular risks to the environment, we take precautions when using such treatments, and we turn to environmentally-safe options whenever the option is available.

Do-It-Yourself Pest Management

For clients that would enjoy learning how to manage and eliminate pests through their own efforts, Bedbugs Exterminator Bronx frequently offers Pest Management and Eradication training seminars, outlined to assist you in averting infestation in the future, treating minor Pest Infestations, and teaching the steps you can take to make your home more impervious to pests.

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